Slotting tools and holders

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Technical information

Our standard slotting tools and holders are designed for use in vertical slotting machines. As there is a vast number of machines and adapters, we cannot guarantee that our slotting tool holders will fit your slotting machine.

Please use the data sheet to check the dimensions. If necessary we can also manufacture custom slotting tool holders for you. We also offer holders for use on lathes and machining centres.

Various tool systems and holders are available for delivery.

Custom tools for your application are manufactured to fit your machine based on a workpiece drawing. Our range includes slotting tools, tooth and spline profile slotting tools such as slotting tool holders.

  • Clamping in correct position for repeatable precision
  • Cutting edge material made of SPM 60 (W.Nr. 1.3241)
  • Can be supplied at short notice in any width tolerance

We stock blanks in a wide range of sizes so we can supply you with slotting tools for custom profiles such as teeth, spline profiles, squares, hexagons, unusual grooves etc at short notice.

Furthermore we can also manufacture special slotting tools to fit Balzat and Elmass slotting machines.

On the following data sheet you will find measurements for slotting cutter and slotting tools from our own production:

Slotting cutters and tools