Keyseating cutters and tools

We produce keyway cutters for keyseating machines for almost every manufacturer. Keyway cutters can be supplied at short notice in any width tolerance (to ±0.005mm) and in custom dimensions.

This includes custom keyway cutters, custom draw cutters, tooth cutters and spline cutters.

For keyseating machines from manufacturers such as Frömag, Balzat (POLYMAT), Stuhlmann, WGW, TGW or Leistritz we can provide you in-house manufactured keyseating cutters.

Technical information

We use SPM 60 (M.No. 1.3241) for the material for the cutting edges. This high-alloyed, high-speed steel is powder-metallurgically manufactured.
The very fine structure and extremely low proportion of dross minimises microscopic eruptions on the cutting edge, with significant impact on the lifetime of the tools.

The keyseating cutters can be supplied coated or with a carbide metal edge if required.

Deliverable tools include cutterbars (also called cutter holder), feedbars, columns (also called guide bars), centring cones, stepped centring bushes, adjustable centring and clamping pieces for keyseating machines of nealy all manufacturers.

Please request appropriate tools from us by quoting the original type designation.

Our keyseating cutters are available in our online shop along with data sheets and 3D models of each keyway cutter.

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Data sheets Keyseating cutters

The following data sheets contain the dimensions of the keyway cutters that we manufacture ourselves and adapt to keyseating machines from the following manufacturers:

Leistritz (Balzat, Stuhlmann)

  • Internal toothing
  • Keyway
  • Internal toothing
  • Keyway
  • Internal toothing
  • 3mm Keyway
  • Internal toothing
  • Internal toothing